How do you set your prices?

Generally oil prices tend to be very volatile from one week to the next, Staytoasty is not immune to this swing in prices. Our prices are a direct result of underlying oil prices and the cost of delivery our services. We always try to provide the lowest cost to our customers.

How quickly will I receive confirmation?

You should recieve confirmation from us within a hour. We hold back confirmation to check that operationally we can provide the exact service at the correct time to our customers. Once we confirm we send out confirmations.

I am interested in being a supplier for StayToasty how do I contact you?

Reach out to our head of our supplier relationsh Nick Covolus at he will quickly return your message. Although we are currently only operating in greater Philadelphia we are seeking to expand into new areas served by heating oil and would love to speak to you about future opportunites.

Could I set up future appointments for multiple months?

Currently out platform won’t allow you to set up future appointments but we are working on it.

Can I pay for cash on Delivery?

Currently we aren’t set up for cash on delivery but are working on providing this service soon!